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When did it make you psycho for bitting and fighting back against somebody who pulled you by your throat, holding you down to the floor defenseless, and putting a bunch of holds on you when is that EVER JUSTIFIABLE OR OKAY OR SUPPOSEDLY BREAKING UP A VERBAL ARGUMENT PEACEFULLY!!!!!!!!

And then worse you are targeted by hatred and left alone by your family throwing every curse at you and it gets worse when you are brought to tears! Days like today make me wish I died in the hospital and I was free of all this


~I wanted to edit something to help cheer up & show my twinnie Demelza a.k.a. Essentialasair just how much I love her!!!!!!!!!!~

~various KALIJAH edits~

~Warrior Belle & Graham~

{Thanks to essentialasair who made 2 gifs for me way back when i was unwell & is just the most all around sweetest greatest most brilliant always so kind person ever! Sorry I’m rambling thank you Demelza for your permission & all the other things it take me novels to say ;D}

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